The increasing professionalisation within Danish and European top sports necessitates a corresponding professionalism from the athlete. Football players and athletes need to be represented by a sport counselling company that attends to interests within all areas including
career planning, contract negotiations, marketing options, sponsorships and insurances. On the other side, this implies that you as a Client find the right match with a players' agent that you can trust.

Europe Sports Management is a solid company with a long history that acts in a professional and structured way. This is mirrored in our comprehensive list of references. We are qualified negotiators and have good contacts in our international network.

A young, inexperienced player who has no experience in negotiating is sure to get professional and well qualified counselling and a sparring partner, and when it comes to contract negotiations we play an important part in order to achieve the best possible contract. We are always updated on important subjects such as market values, "sign on fee", salaries, bonuses, duration of contracts and insurances.

To put it in another way: We represent a personal and tailored counselling to our Clients within professional sports.

As a Client at Europe Sports Management we fill in your "Player Profile" on our website. This is an important part of your profiling. Our website has a lot of visitors such as international clubs, managers, directors, coaches and scouts and it is therefore of utmost importance that your profile perfectly reflects your current performances on the field.

It is your responsibility that the results you deliver on the field fulfil our expectations. Consequently, an on-going adaptation of expectations between us and you as a Client is a cornerstone of our joint work to create a base that can make your dreams come true and act out your ambitions.

Consequently, we represent only ambitious, disciplined, strong-willed and professional Clients, who are realistic as to personal qualifications and level. Clients that we trust and believe that they can develop on and outside the field.

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