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The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA, has introduced an authorization for players' agents.
Europe Sports Management holds this players' agents licence. The purpose is to ensure the players a guarantee as to the formal competence of the players' agent who should meet a series of personal conditions.
The players are sure that the official bodies of the football world - the international and the national football associations - take on possible conflict resolutions that involve players' contracts, negotiated by authorized players' agents. The selection of authorized players' agent is the player's exclusive choice.

At Europe Sports Management our ambition is to give our Clients a satisfactory, honest and professional service, and one of the cornerstones of our business philosophy is that we represent and work exclusively in the interest of our Clients.


For you as a Client of Europe Sports Management this means that you can always be sure that our counselling is professional and serious and that we always focus on being your income creating partner. Our counselling is always thorough and objective and our tightly-knit team is your guarantee of a strong players' agent in financial contract negotiations. In other words: We keep our promise!


Since the founding of the company our mission has been to offer to our Clients the highest standard within personal management techniques. We feel convinced that the best and most loyal way to represent our Clients is to offer full service within management counselling and not just to be present in connection with trading. This means that we are there for our Clients in good times as well as in bad.


At Europe Sports Management we also take care of our Clients' interest outside the field. As a Client all you should do is to concentrate on your training and matches, i.e. on what has to do with playing. In our capacity as players' agents we focus on the entire person, where we do not only take care of the contract negotiation. We also give advice and guidance when it comes to wider training outside the field to ensure that you also get a business career or something to fall back upon.


But the most important thing for you is to know that we are not afraid to thank no, if we do not believe that a given deal is correct, honest and to your very best. We work exclusively for you to make your dreams come true.



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